Anawood produces unique products from the craftsmanship of the carpenter combined with meticulous and continuous creation from Anawood‘ team.

Giới thiệu anawood

The Mission of Anawood í to accompany young people in the process ofcreating and managing their own space. 

Therefore,, we work relentlessly to create cost-effective products, that fit in with each individual space while relating the creative potential of the products.





We view human beings and nature as the origin of everything. Man is one of the top concerns of Anawood. We always focus on developing people by creating a healthy work environment, developing each individual to improve the Anawood team: professional – sustainable – sincere

The philosophy throughout all our products is “customer- centered”. We work hard to create innovative, cost-effective products. Customer is a very important factor in our product improvement process.

Our business philosophy is that every Anawood product brings a contribution to society and nature. We recognize that we need to be accountable to the community starting from the smallest, which is:

  • Oriented product is envimentally friendly
  • Use healthy ingredients