Ana Balance ET008


Ana Balance ET008 is a balance board which is also considered as a high-skill needed sport. When standing on your balance board, your hands, eyes, legs, and feet can work together well. This will improve the coordination ability of the body parts. When the body works well together, you can perform daily activities more effectively.

Benefits of playing Ana Balance ET008 regularly:

  • This balance board will help you become more flexible
  • The body operation will help burn calories
  • => Such a healthy sport!
    Help you reduce stress in everyday life.
    Train your concentration ability.

In particular, this product is exclusively for children 13 years of age and older, including adults can also do exercise regularly with this balance board product.

Ana Balance ET008 is made of Plywood – a high-class wood according to American standards, so it is very compact and firm, resistant to mold, moisture, and warping in the very good use process. The product has very high hardness with beautiful wood grain. The rounded edges of the wood can avoid collision cause injury to both adults and children.

What are you waiting for, please contact Anawood immediately at Hotline: 0986 612 352 for more information about our Ana Balance ET008!

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