Bed for Kids – EB022

6.438.000 VND


  • Main bed: 4.438.000 đồng
  • Extra bed: 2.213.000 đồng

Material: Plywood

So sánh


The bed is an essential item for all of us. So why we waste time and money to buy an ordinary babies’ bed but not a unique and outstanding one? With a beautiful design, EB022 children’s bed is a product you should not miss!

Anawood - giuong tre em - EB022 - 2

From first glance, you may notice that EB022 children’s bed is inspired by the utility tents we use when camping. The only difference is that this “tent” is made entirely of wood and can give children a peaceful place to sink themselves into a deep sleep. Designed with open space, the bed helps the baby not to have the feeling of being secretive and uncomfortable while sleeping but also can easily observe the scenery outside thanks to two large windows. In addition, two beautiful small sun-shaped motifs sculpted at both ends of the EB022 children’s bed also help to adorn the uniqueness of the bed that will make kids love it at first sight!

Not only beautiful, but EB022 kids’ bed can also maximize the space for your room, especially the modest rooms! With just a gentle drag, you can easily add a spacious space for your baby to lie down. So the children will have their own beds but not far away from each other so that they can still talk easily, but not a narrow space to avoid conflicts and unnecessary touches. But when the baby wakes up, you can completely push the lower bed to its position – save space and, at the same time, do not waste too much effort and time to optimize the area for your room!

Another advantage of EB022 children’s bed is the safety and durability of the product. Made entirely of Plywood – a high-quality industrial wood against mold, termite – the “enemies” of wood, the products can certainly accompany with your babies for a long time! Furthermore, Plywood also helps against warping, scratching during use so the product can be “young and not old” or mutated at all! The safety of the baby is always our top priority so the surface and texture of the product are polished by user-friendly materials to ensure the baby is not scratched or inhaled or smell any toxic chemicals!

In addition to the fancy appearance, EB022 children’s bed has a variety of colors to choose from, ensuring the product to “mingle” with the existing design of the room, even making the room more unique and beautiful than ever.

What are you waiting for without contacting us – Anawood at Hotline: 0986 612 352 or inbox on fanpage: to be able to own the bed EB022 right away – extremely convenient and unique!


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