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BH03 meeting table is the first product with a built-in charger so you will never have to worry about carrying the charger when the battery runs out. This compact design is simpler but integrated with many outstanding features.

Spacious seating, and full charging socket for staff to use

Highlights of BH03 Meeting Table:

  • There are 8 built-in chargers of Macbook / MacBook Pro and Iphone / Ipad with easily retractable cable. From now on with this versatile BH03 meeting table, you will not need to worry about running out of battery or forgetting the charging cord because of this great integration.
  • Designing the power strips hidden under the table makes the desk look more neatly.

  • The surface is used as a quality writing board, which can be written comfortably and simply wiped clean, so you can write over and over again on the surface. You will quickly create or record interesting things at the meeting table without paper or pen. It’s very private without affecting colleagues around. Then you just need to take a photo and wipe it dry so you can erase all drawings and scripts quickly.

  • The product is made of Plywood so it is very compact and firm, resistant to mold, moisture, warping when using.

Anawood - Ban hop - BH03 - 4

The edge has been rounded, which is both aesthetic and safe without worrying be scratched

  • BH03 meeting room is suitable for group meetings as a working desk. It is suitable for 4 people with extremely spacious seating. You can comfortably leave documents and laptops without affecting the person beside.
  • The assembly of the BH03 meeting table is extremely easy, just one person can install it in just a few minutes. However, if there is another person working together, the job will be easier because there are some large and heavy plates. The simple assembly makes it easy for the company to solve the problem of moving the table to a new living room or work location, with no cost.

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